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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,    ETC,                 25!

of her father and husband's names from the list
of emigres, for, in fact, they never quitted France.
But during the Reign of Terror, wherever you
had an estate and happened not to reside upon
it, the kind vassals or peasants set you down as
emigrated. Many persons did not know this till
the other day, but they were not the less obliged
to quit the Republic, as having incurred the pen-
alties of emigration.

Perregaux writes me word my passport is
ordered, and I am to be allowed to stay ten days
in Paris, so this disagreeable suspense will soon
be at an end.—Adieu for the present.

Calais, December ^th, 1797.

I stayed eight days at Paris. The reception
I met with from the commission was very flat-
tering. Mr. M. will send you a French paper
containing the speech the minister made me on
my taking leave of him, which was very friendly
and polite. I am informed that, on my account,
the whole business of the general exchange is
knocked on the head ; no further proposals will
be made or listened to about Sir S. or the thou-